Wrist Tether Trains You To Stop Touching Your Face For Covid 19 Prevention!

Wrist Tether Trains You To Stop Touching Your Face For Covid 19 Prevention!Wrist Tether Trains You To Stop Touching Your Face For Covid 19 Prevention!

touchTamer™ is a concept you can copy!

The origin of TouchTamer™

I am the person behind the TouchTamer™ concept, my name is Joel, and I've been involved in product development for my entire career.  I have three brilliant sisters, two are doctors, and my mother was a nurse for 45 years, so I've been immersed in medical chat on a regular basis for a long time as well. In one of the earliest days of the Covid-19 outbreak it was made clear to me by several medical professionals that the single most concerning and preventable way this disease was spreading was from people touching a surface contaminated with droplets carrying the virus, and then touching their own face. TOUCHING THEIR OWN FACE! That seems crazy to say, but all we need to do to protect ourselves is to avoid touching our own face whenever we have unclean hands. Crazy, but true, and medical professionals will back this up, just ask them. They will also agree that preventing face touching is nearly impossible.

A study done by New South Wales University observed 26 students who were unaware of the study and on average, each of the 26 observed students touched their face 23 times per hour. Of all face touches, 44% (1,024/2,346) involved contact with a mucous membrane, whereas 56% (1,322/2,346) of contacts involved nonmucosal areas. Of mucous membrane touches observed, 36% (372) involved the mouth, 31% (318) involved the nose, 27% (273) involved the eyes, and 6% (61) were a combination of these regions.  

Part of the solution is thought to be to wear a mask, and you'd think that would help, but it often doesn't, in fact it can make the problem of face touching worse. People wearing masks are constantly adjusting the mask, and taking it on and off and pushing it up and down.  These people even when they are made aware of the danger, continue to inadvertently touch their own face consistently. It's the same with wearing gloves in that once the gloved hand touches contaminated virus, and then touches the face, it is the same as touching with a contaminated hand.

I heard a doctor say, "The real solution isn't to restrain a person from touching their own face, sometimes it is necessary, but rather to simply remind them to first use sanitizer or to wash first." This was the moment that TouchTamer™ was born.  If I could design a simple to use, easy to sanitize, quick on and off wrist tether, it could function as a reminder of this important action. When inadvertently reaching for the face, or to rub the nose or eyes, the simply tug from the TouchTamer™ tethers will remind the user to first reach for the sanitizer bottle. It isn't long before this habit is broken. Since introducing the TouchTamer™ many users have commented that they only needed to wear them for a week or ten days, and they didn't need them anymore because their inadvertent face touching habit had stopped completely.

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The TouchTamer™ is available here on this website, or if your budget doesn't allow a purchase, then please try to make your own version at home yourself. This isn't about making a big profit, this is about saving people's lives and helping to stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus. All profits from TouchTamer™ sales will be donated to nonprofit charitable organizations.

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